Das Desserts (German)


Bakers German Chocolate Cake Recipe

Banana Cake (German Bananenkuchen)

Bee Sting Cake Recipe – Bienenstich

Best Carrot Cake Recipe – Karottenkuchen

Blueberry Dessert Recipes – Type of Blueberry Cheescake

Chocolate Marble Cake Recipe – Marmorkuchen

Chocolate Sheet Cake

Cream Cheese Cake (Philadelphiatorte)

Easy Applesauce Cake Recipe

Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe

German Apple Cake (Apple Torte)

German Apple Cake Recipe – Versunkener Apfelkuchen

German Baking Recipe – Damson Plum Cake – Zwetschgendatschi

German Black Forest Cake Recipe

German Buns

German Cheesecake Recipe With Mandarin Oranges – Kasekuchen

German Pound Cake

German Puffs Cake

German Rum Cake

Light Strawberry Cake Recipe – German Erdbeerkuchen

Pound Cake (German Sandkuchen)

Yellow Butter Cake (German Butterkuchen)


German Chocolate Cookies

German Cookies

German Lady Fingers

German Wafers

Traditional German Crescents w/ Almonds

Traditional German Crisps


German Chocolate Cake Frosting Recipe


Apple Dumpling Recipe

Austrian Dessert Recipe – Kaiserschmarrn

Bavarian Recipes – Spiced Apple Rings

Chocolate Bavarian Cream Recipe

Easy Bread Pudding Recipe With Apples – Ofenschlupfer

Easy Chocolate Fondue Recipe With Fruits

German Almond Custard

German Dessert Recipes – Steamed Dumplings – Dampfnudeln

German Pear Dessert (Pears A L’Allemande)

German Pudding w/ Lemon and Brandy

Homemade Apple Sauce Recipe

Lemon Cream Mousse – No Bake Dessert

Warm Homemade German Apple Strudel


Crullers (German Spritzkuchen)

German Apple Pancake Recipe

German Recipe Dessert – Pancake Puffs

Homemade Doughnuts

Jelly Doughnuts (German Berliners)


German Apple Pie (w/ Apples or Peaches)

German Apple Tart

German Cottage Cheese Pie

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