Creamsickle Cake

I remember eating creamsickles, fudgesickles…any thing with “sickles” on the end of the word as a kid.  The sweet memories of hearing the music from the ice cream man’s truck and whatever us kids were doing? We were totally done and dropped it when the ice cream truck rolled around.  As a matter of fact, one of the neighborhood kids took it so seriously, she jumped out from her bath and ran down the street naked to stand in line to get her ice cream.  She was only five years old and didnt get the concept that she was streaking…she only knew that when the ice cream man’s music was blaring? You ran outside and stood in line patiently with the other neighborhood kids.  Clothed or not haha!  Didn’t you hate it when there was a mean ice cream man and he would actually keep driving and make you run after his truck? Oh the meanies!

This also brings to mind Eddie Murphy’s stand up routine from long ago when he talks about his childhood and the ice cream man rolling up the street and the kids running and chasing the ice cream man and the kids screaming “ice cream…ice cream!”

Creamsickles just bring me back to the days of innocence and youth.  Days of the ice cream man and playing in sprinklers in the yard on hot summer days and thinking that those days would never end.

Here is a recipe for your own creamsickle concoction – in a cake! – courtesy of Save A Lot.  When using these ingredients, keep in mind that you can also vary the product brand and use whatever brands you prefer or that you have on hand – even though Save A Lot’s are quite yummy too (for other Save A Lot recipes click here).  Enjoy the cake and I hope when you bite into it that it makes you feel like a kid again and brings you back to the days of standing in line for and chasing the ice cream man too! 🙂

    Creamsickle Cake (Save A Lot)


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