In the Kitchen Tonight: Peanut Butter Cookies


I remember as a little girl standing on a stool by my mother’s side and watching patiently while she made peanut butter cookies.  I was so happy when she would let me dip the fork in the sugar and then let me do the criss-cross shapes into the cookies…these are precious memories of just me and my mother.   My mother wasn’t a culinary genius by all means but wow could she make delicious peanut butter cookies that melted in our mouths every time.  She used the Betty Crocker Peanut Butter Cookie recipe (Betty Crocker has been like a family member in our home as you can see throughout my postings!) which is a timeless and traditional cookie recipe.  My mother called me last night and we were talking Christmas stuff and I told her I was making our favorite cookie for when she came to visit on Christmas and I could feel her smiling when she said “oh! I can’t wait!”

The cookies are out of the oven, Mommy! I cant wait to share with you 🙂



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