Christmas and Hanukkah Central

Happy Friday y’all! I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday and you survived the overload of turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie 🙂

We are now onto the major holiday season of Christmas and Hanukkah! This is the time of year to where I am in an all out passion driven crazy baking mood and my poor husband thinks I have gone over the edge.  I just love baking for the holidays – new recipes that I come across and old ones that are timeless to my family.   My stepdad always gets a few dozen of sugar cookies from me which he looks forward to every year.  My hubby (for all of his love and patience) gets to relish in his favorite Snickerdoodles and Russian Tea Cake Cookies.  My mother? She loves peanut butter cookies. My youngest son and I always make a Gingerbread House together (sometimes we are successful and other times we just eat it as it collapses). One of my favorite treats is Baklava.  Oh how I love Baklava!

Make sure to keep looking at the page Christmas and Hanukkah Central on our blog throughout the next month.  We will be posting recipes for alot of yummy cookies…cakes..all kinds of sweet stuff to celebrate the holidays!

Also, we will be putting up a recipe of the day all in honor of Christmas and Hanukkah.

Now…time to get busy and to get baking…

With much sweetness to you and yours!



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