The Day After…

If you are like the average person at the Thanksgiving meal, you eat until you your pants or skirt start to feel a bit uncomfortable and you can’t fathom looking at another food item for the rest of the day as you quickly fall asleep in your man chair and watch football (all men in America kind of assume this position by later afternoon, yes?).  But what about the family that is still with you the day after and they are hungry (again!) and in need of “breakfasty” type foods and don’t wanna eat turkey or stuffing in the morning? I usually just have a few boxes of several types of cereals and tell them to “go for it” but if I want to be extra motivated and do something nice for my family the day after Thanksgiving then I will make something quick, easy but looks as if I have been the ultimate hostess up at the crack of dawn to feed my lovely family (what is the saying about company and fish? Stinks after a few days? ha! Just had to throw that in here…really, I love my family!) Anyway, what about making a very yummy “breakfasty” food item from Pillsbury that will make those hungry family members super happy and they will be so impressed…they might come back again next year? 🙂

Here is the fantastic, simple and yummy recipe for Cinnamon Roll “Cake” Balls from Pillsbury.  You are going to be so surprised how quick and simple these are to make!

Cinnamon Roll “Cake” Balls


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