Sweet Potato Pie

As we are coming upon Thanksgiving and trying to figure out what types of pies to use on our tables this year…I decided to do a little bit of research on Sweet Potato Pie.  The Sweet Potato has an interesting history…did you know that it was one of King Henry VIII’s favorites? Also King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella enjoyed the sweet potato too! You can read more about the history of the sweet potato here along with some very old recipes.

Here is one of the oldest recipes in a cookbook published in the US for Sweet Potato Pie:

Peel your potatoes, wash them clean, slice and stew them in a very little water till quite soft, and nearly dry; then mash them fine, season them with butter, sugar, cream, nutmeg and cinnamon, and when cold, add four beaten eggs, and press the pulp through a sieve. Roll out plain or standing paste as for other pies, put a sheet of it over a large buttered patty-pan, or deep plate, put in smoothly a thick layer of the potato pulp, and bake it in a moderate oven. Grate loaf sugar over it when done, and send it to table warm or cold, with cream sauce or boiled custard.”
Kentucky Housewife, Lettice Bryan, 1839 edition

Here is modern recipe for today’s version for Sweet Potato Pie from Kraft and its one of my favorite recipes to use for making one of my most favorite pies. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!  Also, Kraft has an entire section dedicated to Thanksgiving dessert (and meal recipes too) recipes right here.

Sweet Potato Pie






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