Caramel-Pecan Pie

I am a true Southern gal at heart and proud to be a Virginian – so of course…I love Southern food! If its deep-fried, rich…heavy and fattening and makes your arteries feel like clogging just from one bite? It’s the perfect food for me.  One thing that I really enjoy about Thanksgiving is the traditional food that is served in our family each year and the memories of spending this special day together. Also, it’s the only time that I allow myself to indulge in the greatness and wonderfulness of Pecan Pie and Sweet Potato Pie. I think (my personal opinion of course!) that it should be illegal for any Southern person to dislike Pecan or Sweet Potato Pie 🙂

Here is a wonderful recipe for Caramel-Pecan Pie from one of my most favorite sources for all Southern food – Southern Living! It’s just really delicious and so incredibly rich and filling.  You can also find more Thanksgiving dessert ideas from Southern Living here.


Southern Living’s Caramel-Pecan Pie

(We are leading up to Thanksgiving! In the next week, I will be posting a recipe (or two) a day with some great dessert ideas.  If you have any that you would like to share with our readers, please send me an email at:  It’s always great to hear from you and I think it would be fun to share your fave Thanksgiving dessert ideas too!  ~ Coleen)





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