Looking for Favorite Recipes…

Hi Friends,

I would like to post favorite recipes from our readers.  What are your favorites and the story behind them? I would love to share here with others.  Send them to me at sugarpiessweetshoppe@yahoo.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Much love and sweetness,






2 thoughts on “Looking for Favorite Recipes…

  1. I was busy losing 40 lbs…..having a hard time making do,
    but I’m a dessert addict…
    …so when I found the Pineapple angel food cake, at 100 calories per piece( one box Betty Crocker angel food cake +1 can crushed pineapple) I could calm the craving and stay on weight watchers. It has remained a family favorite…..

    ..the Betty Crocker chocolate cake with 1 cup yogurt, replacing the oil and eggs, + one cup water,
    comes in second,

    And the Betty Crocker cake mix made with a diet soda…..use your imagination,
    Lemon cake with diet lemon lime
    Chocolate cake with diet chocolate soda
    Spice cake with diet ginger ale
    Just add a dollop of light cool whip and it’s dessert!

    …that rounds out a fun rotation of desserts for dieting…..

    • Thanks for your recipes Melinda! These sound really great. I am always trying to find the healthy alternative to recipes and these sound really wonderful. The pineapple angel food cake is very simple and your right…will definitely calm a craving. Thank you and congratulations on your weight loss 🙂

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