Happy Grandparents Day!

I often give my beloved grandmothers credit for inspiring me in the kitchen – which is very true.  Whenever I think of my Grammy Husband (yes, Husband is our family name) I think of her at the summer cottage which sat across from Lake Champlain in Vermont. Even though the years are long past I can close my eyes and still see her  rolling out the biscuit dough on the counter for Strawberry Shortcake and us grandkids watching her patiently (or impatiently haha!)  The strawberries were always picked from my Grampy’s garden in the backyard and Grammy always had fresh whipped cream for the topping.  Oh how I long to experience the summer days of being with my grandparents again.

My Grandma Marini, who was a traditional Italian woman from the old country, always fed her family well.  My mother likes to tell a story of how at one family picnic a relative brought a cake which was made from a box. My grandmother was so alarmed by her relative making a “boxed cake” and felt she was being extremely lazy.  Every single thing was homemade if it came from both of my grandma’s kitchens.  One of my Grandma Marini’s favorite dessert was Almond Biscotti. She made this every Christmas which was a joyous time in our household with all kinds of Italian treats.  I wish that I had recipes that were passed down from them but unfortunately I do not.  I do however have the wonderful memories of my grandparents – which is priceless.

What are your favorite memories of your grandparents? Did they inspire you in the kitchen?


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