Cosmopolitan Cupcakes

Who was a fan of Sex and the City? Come on girls…I think we all had a little bit of Charlotte, Carrie, Miranda and Samantha in us at times (yes…Samantha!)  I always thought I related most to Charlotte but I wanted to raid Carrie’s closet.  I never really knew how  to figure out Miranda and I envied the aggressiveness and outspokenness of Samantha.  Back in the day my gal pals and I wanted to have our own circle of bff’s like the Sex and the City gals and we would sit around and drink Cosmopolitans til the sun came up.  Fun times for all! So since its Friday and its adult dessert day on my blog I have decided to use this fantastic recipe for the recipe of the day.  Its for Cosmopolitan Cupcakes, of course 🙂 Thank you Petit Chef for the recipe!

Now let’s cue the Sex and the City music…

Cosmopolitan Cupcakes


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