In the Kitchen Today w/ Brown Vegan

Today I had the most wonderful experience in a very long time.  Monique from Brown Vegan gave me a cooking lesson on how to make vegan cupcakes! Just for your information: I am a “meat and potatoes” kinda girl who loves butter on everything so to try a vegan cupcake recipe was a very first for me.  I mean – how do you make cake without eggs? You can! It was a very enlightening experience for me personally and the cake tastes just like a typical chocolate cake and was very most.  The buttercream frosting was so incredibly delicious and this experience gave me a whole new perspective on eating vegan.  Monique is truly an inspiration and I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for sharing her cupcake recipe and for just being herself.  Make sure to go to Brown Vegan for more delicious recipes and here is the yummy recipe we made today in the kitchen – Chocolate Cupcakes & Chocolate Cookie Cream Frosting.

Here are some pictures of us in the kitchen today…







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