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Teddy Racing Cars

I was trying to think of something fun to make for the kiddies that wasn’t so complex and also a recipe that they would have fun participating in doing with me (gotta keep their attention otherwise…they are outta here…)  I came across this cute and easy recipe for Teddy Racing Cars and it looks like so much fun!  Enjoy this fun recipe and others from Cook With Kids.


It’s National Tequila Day!

It’s Tuesday and…it’s National Tequila Day! How are you going to celebrate this magnificent day? How about enjoying some Coco Loco Tequila Cupcakes! Affluent Magazine writes:

“…These soft, moist, and very coconutty cupcakes should come with a warning! Not only can you not stop after eating just one, but these adult-only cupcakes provide enough kick to make you feel like you are on vacation south of the border.”

I would love to be eating a cupcake on vacation on the south of the border.  Sounds like a perfect time to me 🙂

Coco Loco Tequila Cupcakes

In the Kitchen Tonight: Apple-Oat Crisp

Last night hubby suggested that I make a dessert with apples.  There are so many yummy Apple Pie recipes (although I think my co-worker J has the best I’ve ever eaten…I will ask his permission to share recipe here someday) so I wanted to do something different and thought about Apple Crisp.  I in a HUGE oatmeal fan and not the healthy type…I like it with lots of brown sugar and butter. When I came across this recipe I could hear the angels singing Hallelujah!

This recipe is quite easy and the hardest thing you have to do is peel and slice the apples (thanks hubby for assisting).  It’s incredibly delicious – especially topped with vanilla ice cream (or any type of ice cream actually). You can find the recipe here.  Enjoy!

Start with the basic ingredients

Peeled, cored and sliced apples

Mixing the oats, sugars and flour

Layer the mixture (w/ melted butter) onto the apples and the send off to the oven for 30 minute baking

Out of the oven. Mixture is nice and brown.

Topped with Vanilla Ice Cream = Ready to Eat!








Cosmopolitan Cupcakes

Who was a fan of Sex and the City? Come on girls…I think we all had a little bit of Charlotte, Carrie, Miranda and Samantha in us at times (yes…Samantha!)  I always thought I related most to Charlotte but I wanted to raid Carrie’s closet.  I never really knew how  to figure out Miranda and I envied the aggressiveness and outspokenness of Samantha.  Back in the day my gal pals and I wanted to have our own circle of bff’s like the Sex and the City gals and we would sit around and drink Cosmopolitans til the sun came up.  Fun times for all! So since its Friday and its adult dessert day on my blog I have decided to use this fantastic recipe for the recipe of the day.  Its for Cosmopolitan Cupcakes, of course 🙂 Thank you Petit Chef for the recipe!

Now let’s cue the Sex and the City music…

Cosmopolitan Cupcakes

Easy Lemon Cake

This cake has only 4 ingredients! Hence the word “easy” in the recipe name.  This is perfect for a quick family dessert or to bring to a party/barbecue.  You can find this recipe from Kraft Foods right here.  

Only one more day til’ Friday and I’m already thinking of the delicious “dessert with alcohol” to post for tomorrow BUT if you would like for me to post one of your favorites? Or have any suggestions? Please let me know…   

Easy Lemon Cake

In the Kitchen Tonight: Carrot, Nut and Chocolate Chip Muffins

I had leftover carrots and thought…what could I make for a dessert? Looking through my pantry, I discovered that I also had chocolate chips and walnuts.  I never would have considered that carrots and chocolate chips would be tasty together but guess what? They are! I found a delicious recipe from The Simple Skillet and I went on a cooking mission…you can find the recipe right here.

Starting with the basic ingredients

Adding the dry ingredients

Mixing in the carrots and chocolate chips

Off to the oven…

Almost ready to eat!

Looking delish!

Hubby gives a hearty thumbs up!











Fluffy Pink Lemonade Dessert with Pretzel Crust

Light, fluffy and cool.  Best of all…pink! This dessert from Pillsbury is so incredibly easy to make  and extremely yummy.  Have a wonderful day y’all! Wherever you are…keep cool and if you are out about wear your sunscreen (that’s just a public service announcement from my sister, Patti). 

Fluffy Pink Lemonade Dessert with Pretzel Crust