Smurf Cookies

I just saw the movie Rock of Ages and it totally made me want to get in touch with my 80’s side tonight.  I am proud to admit that I grew up in and survived the decade of blue eye-liner, big hair, rubber bracelets (ala Madonna) and our own special language (totally tubular…gag me with a spoon!).  The Smurfs were my ultimate favorite cartoon to watch on Saturday mornings – who can forget Papa Smurf and his words of wisdom.  My favorite (of course!) was Smurfette.  So in honor of this wonderful decade I wanted to pay homage to my favorite little blue people. Check out this fun Smurf Cookies recipe right here from The Party Animal.

PS. I did try to find “big hair cupcakes” and the such but wasn’t very successful. Smurfs are way cooler anyways. 


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