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Red Wine Cupcakes w/ Cream Cheese Frosting

We’ve made it to Friday, y’all! How about a glass of red wine to congratulate ourselves for surviving.  Or better yet…a red wine cupcake with cream cheese frosting!  I guarantee these will make you feel really good and you will possibly want more than just one.  You can find this fantastic and fun recipe right here courtesy of Scrumptious Photography.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Cheers!

Red Wine Cupcakes w/ Cream Cheese Frosting


Chocolate-Covered Oreo Celebration Cake

Oreo celebrates it’s 100th birthday this year! There is much debate on how to eat an Oreo cookie.  Dunk them in milk, twist off one side and eat the middle first? Or just eat the entire cookie at once.  My preference has to always taken off one side and scrape the filling off with my teeth.  You can find this delicious Oreo celebration cake here.

How do you eat your Oreo cookie?

Chocolate-Covered Oreo Celebration Cake




Smurf Cookies

I just saw the movie Rock of Ages and it totally made me want to get in touch with my 80’s side tonight.  I am proud to admit that I grew up in and survived the decade of blue eye-liner, big hair, rubber bracelets (ala Madonna) and our own special language (totally tubular…gag me with a spoon!).  The Smurfs were my ultimate favorite cartoon to watch on Saturday mornings – who can forget Papa Smurf and his words of wisdom.  My favorite (of course!) was Smurfette.  So in honor of this wonderful decade I wanted to pay homage to my favorite little blue people. Check out this fun Smurf Cookies recipe right here from The Party Animal.

PS. I did try to find “big hair cupcakes” and the such but wasn’t very successful. Smurfs are way cooler anyways.