Summer Berry Trifle

We attended a friends cookout / pool party this afternoon and decided to make something light, fruity and yummy.  This is my very own concoction so no links to other recipes for this one – just my very own recipe that I will attach below.  Like all of the things that I prefer to make – this one was easy and not complex.  Within a matter of minutes your dessert is ready to eat! Enjoy one of my (and my hubby’s) all time favorites.

Summer Berry Trifle


16 oz    Frozen Whipped Topping

32 oz    Vanilla Yogurt

2           Sara Lee Pound Cakes

1 pkg    Strawberries *

1 pkg    Blueberries *

1            Hershey’s Chocolate Bar


Wash fruit, pat dry and set aside

Cut pound cake into squares

In a large bowl – mix whipped cream and yogurt

In a large glass bowl, layer the dessert (pound cake on the bottom, whipped topping / yogurt layer, fruit mixture and then repeat

Top layer should be whipped topping / yogurt layer and then add chocolate shavings

* Can use any type of berries with this dessert



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